“Sometimes it’s better to be smart than right” — This is one thing that I still find very hard to follow since my biggest weakness and sensitivity is injustice. Sometimes I’m so determined for justice, even when the fighting itself could take such a big toll, that even if you get justice in the end, the outcome is still a loss.

Conni Medina, Clarity Consulting

Lauren Hunter & Manda Mason, The W Nail Bar

Jason Gelios

Marita Herkert-Oakland, Relumed

Belynder Walia , Serene Lifestyles

Elizabeth Taylor, Curvy Beach Swimwear

Holly Berrigan

Listen to yourself. This is a huge theme in my work, both on the page and in my workshops with teens. I dedicated my second book, ‘To every girl who has dared to listen to the voice inside of her’; because I’m passionate about encouraging people to follow the soul-filling, world-changing journey their inner-voice invites them to take.

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